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Results and strategy available in Bloomberg through the PORT function

Trade with the algorithm based on Global Trading Indicators technical indicators:

It is a form of operation in financial markets associated with quantitative trading, using 100% emotion-free automated procedures, and algorithms to execute buys and sells.


  • Low costs
  • Operational efficiency
  • Risk diversification
  • Monitors close to 1,000 assets simultaneously in the equity and ETF’s markets
  • Uses 3 artificial intelligence engines to analyze fundamental, technical and news of the markets operated in the United States stock markets


Trading in algorithmic trading will allow:

  • Generate Alpha
  • Manage own assets for speculative purposes
  • Create third-party portfolios for speculative purposes
  • Create structured notes with guaranteed capital and performance linked to algorithm performance
  • Create QUANTITATIVE investment funds for speculative purposes that complement investment alternatives
  • Manage a percentage of investment funds.